Gardens of Destiny with Dan Jason

[important]From the CVGSS Newsletter, February 2008[/important]

The good news is that we can focus on the good news. The knowledge of how to grow sustainably already  exists. It can be tapped into and enhanced in myriad ways. Around the world people are feeling and thinking that it is time to create the world we want rather than to fight the world we don’t want. We all, each and every one of us, have bought into the destruction of the earth that has resulted in global climate change. We can stop buying into it.

— Dan Jason, Message for 2007

Screenshot from ''Gardens of Destiny with Dan Jason", by Jocelyn Demers:  Salt Spring Island on the horizon, ferry rail and lifesaver in foreground, sparkling ocean and polluted sky
Dan Jason from Salt Spring Seeds will be [was] in attendance [at Seedy Saturday 2008] for the screening of the movie ‘Gardens of Destiny’ by filmmaker, Jocelyn Demers. Dan is an organic gardener with a fantastic selection of seeds, vegetables, grains, medicinal plants and flowers. He is also the head of the grassroots organization called the Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada, a network of Canadian gardeners who are preserving as much plant diversity as is possible. The premise being that while seed banks are good, they do not keep up with the dynamic inter-action between a living organism and its environment. ‘Gardens of Destiny’ investigates many important issues related to pollution and health. These include genetic engineering, Terminator seeds and the pitfalls of industrial agriculture, in addition to how organic food has been proven to be protective against cancer.

This movie also offers solutions for positive action and Dan will be [was] available if you have questions or would like to buy the movie [Gardens of Destiny with Dan Jason Xvid Mp3 – YouTube.]

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