Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of the month.

Please note that there is no meeting in March because of Seedy Saturday.

  • Time:  7 pm.
  • Place: Creekside Commons, 2202 Lambert, Courtenay.
  • Directions.  To reach Creekside Commons from Courtenay, take Cumberland Road, turn left onto 20th Street, then the first right onto Lambert.  Follow to the end of Lambert.
  • Parking:  There is limited parking in the Creekside complex so please park on Lambert if possible, it’s a short stroll to Creekside. Our parking guide will indicate any free parking spaces inside the Commons.
  • Creekside Commons has a shoes-off policy, so bring slippers.

All CVGSS events are open to the public by donation.

November 2019 meeting will feature Catherine Temple.

Coming from a lineage of Dutch farmers and having grown up in Powell River, a few blocks from my grandparent’s farm gave me practical knowledge of the importance and dynamics of growing and preserving my own food. Growing up we didn’t consider organic practices, my grandfather was adamant that there was no sense in buying fertilizers when there was so much shit on the farm, there was no sense in buying pesticides when certain plants would repel insects, and there was no sense in using chemicals to get rid of the weeds because they added to the compost.

Unbeknownst to me, my grandfather and my dad were grooming me for the future by imprinting a permaculture mindset.

I discovered permaculture a couple of years ago and thought “what’s that?” I investigated, loved the concept, and became a student. The fact that I could under these principles create a space in my own yard that would sequester so much carbon that I would not only be carbon neutral but carbon positive, finally a positive action that works for the reversal of climate change.

Today I am well into the Permaculture Design Certificate Program and will be graduating in January 2020. As a practical exercise I am growing a food forest in my back yard, ultimately it will be 100% self sufficient and it will enable me to boast of a 2 to 3 times carbon positive imprint and I want to share that with the world. And it all starts with WATER….

One of our most important Elements – WATER.