Winnower – dates when available

With the first rains, we are aware of the need to get our seeds ready for next year.  One of the benefits of CVGSS membership is free use of our Winnower.
We have two sessions planned.  Tues, 15th September 4 -6 pm and Saturday 24th September from 3 pm on.
Please email us at if you would like to attend one of these sessions.
 They both will be held at Amara Farm where the winnower is currently kept.
Directions; Amara Farm is located along Kirby Road off the Island Highway, just past Island Truss on the way to Merville.
If you are a farmer-member with more volume – please call Arzeena for times to use winnower.  Her number is 250-702-5657.
There is a fee of $15 hour if you are using it for commercial purposes. .
We’ll also book a session in conjunction with one of the Monthly Meetings at Creekside, probably Thur, Nov 6.


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