Using the Winnower

Early in 2013, the Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers  purchased a hand-powered seed winnower in order to make seed cleaning easier for its members and for local farmers.  A number of the Board Members had seen the winnower in action at a Seed Conference in Richmond November 2012 and were greatly impressed.

The Seed Winnower ‘lives” at Amara Farm in Merville. If you’re interested in using it, please email the seed savers at

 The CVGSS will be hosting some seed cleaning parties so keep checking back at the menu item ‘winnower posts’.


– The winnower is for the use and benefit of the CVGSS membership.

– It was purchased spring 2013 by Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers.

– This machine does not need to be plugged in or gassed-up, so it is not only environmentally friendly, but also QUIET.

– It is ordinarily kept and used at Amara Farm, home of Arzeena Hamir, in Merville.

– A “Qualified Operator” must operate, or be present and supervise the operation of the winnower.  These people are listed on the Qualified Operators List, kept with the winnower and shown below.

– The objective of the Qualified Operators List is that someone with experience in the operation and care of the winnower will be present to ensure it is used properly and to help get the best results possible given its design and capabilities.

– CVGSS members may contribute with an optional donation when using the winnower.

– CVGSS members that are cleaning seed for commercial purposes are to pay 15.00$/hour with a one hour minimum.  This is payable in cash or cheque to the Qualified Operator attending.  A receipt will be issued if desired.

– Non-members that would like to use the winnower are encouraged to join CVGSS (20$) and have access to this community resource.  The easiest way to do this is to email us at or attend a monthly meeting, normally the first thursday of the month at Creekside Commons, 2202 Lambert, Courtenay, 7pm.

– To be added to the Qualified Operators List a CVGSS  member must:
1. receive appropriate training from someone on the Qualified Operators List,
2. be accepted by the CVGSS board as a Qualified Operators,
3. fill-in and sign the Qualified Operators List to show acceptance of the terms of the Qualified Operators Agreement.

Qualified Operators (as of 2013-08-28)
–  Arzeena Hamir      250-702-5657
–  Moss Dance          250-337-8012
–  Larry Church          250-898-8408

See winnower article on page 5 of the CVGSS newsletter – August 2013

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