2013 Sponsor Benefits for ‘Sow a Seed: Grow a Gardener”

 The Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers Society is pleased to offer you the opportunity to sponsor our 14th annual “Seedy Saturday” on Saturday March 2, 2013.  The event will once again be presented at the Filberg Centre in Courtenay and we anticipate increased vendor and attendee participation.

This is your opportunity to reach a targeted market for your products and services – hundreds of attendees come from all over Vancouver Island and are highly motivated to learn about, and participate in burgeoning local food security activities.  They are also individuals dedicated to sustainable communities, including choosing local businesses first.  This presents you with favourable circumstances to make a strong statement of your commitment to the local community and your customers.

The work of promoting seed-saving is largely carried out by over a hundred enthusiastic volunteers and a hard-working volunteer Board of Directors. Some of these volunteers carefully grow specific varieties every year in their own chemical-free gardens, harvest the fresh seeds at just the right moment and pack them up. The result is the thousands of packages of local seeds that are ready to distribute to the community through exchange or sale on Seedy Saturday. There is also a trade show highlighting nonprofit & community agencies and speakers involved in food and other growing education and skills-building, along with vendors offering related goods and services.

This year, we are enhancing our family-friendly activities by adding a children’s activity and care area.  We will again operate the successful (and yummy) Seedy Cafe and increase the seating capacity for our speakers and workshops.  We are seeking both cash and in-kind sponsorship in exchange for recognition and the sponsor benefits outlined below.  You may choose to sponsor the event as a whole or a specific activity or area to highlight your support.



Some benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Being seen by hundreds of attendees

  • Promotion in many Vancouver Island newspapers and magazines

  • CVGSS web site receives significant views per month

  • Promotion and editorial through numerous on-line media and event listings e.g. HarbourLiving.ca, TideChange.ca, What’s On Digest, Valley Calendar,

  • Event announcement and editorial in newsletters/email lists of agencies involved in food security and growing.

  • Sponsorship dollars are marketing not charitable dollars so 100% of expense can be claimed on your tax return


“Sow a Seed: Grow a Gardener”  Seedy Saturday 2013



$1,000 + “Bloom”
  • Identifies you as a year-round (sustaining) sponsor of Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers activities
  • Logo recognition on CVGSS website for a full year
  • Logo recognition in all 2013 issues of CVGSS newsletter(usually 4 per year)
  • Prominent banner placement at the Seedy Saturday event
  • Logo placement  in the Seedy Saturday program
  • Name recognition in some press releases for event
  • Logo recognition on promotional materials


$500 – $999 “Blossom”
  • Logo recognition on the CVGSS website February to May 2013
  • Name recognition in the issue of the CVGSS newsletter following the event
  • Logo recognition on a poster or banner at the Seedy Saturday event; Logo recognition in Seedy Saturday program
  • Name mention in print promotions for Seedy Saturday.


$250 – $499 “Bud”
  • Logo recognition in the issue of the newsletter following the event
  • Logo on a poster at the Seedy Saturday event
  • Logo recognition in the Seedy Saturday program


$100 – 249 “Sprout”
  • Logo recognition on a poster at the Seedy Saturday event
  • Name recognition in the Seedy Saturday program


Under $100 “Seed”
  • Name recognition in the Seedy Saturday program


We thank you for your generous sponsorship!

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