Seedy Saturday 2019

The theme for 2019 is “Building Biodiversity”

Our doors will be open from 10.00 till 3.00. Entrance is $5 and free after 2.00pm.

For a list of this year’s vendors and a little bit about them see ‘About our vendors.’

Our speakers are Joyce McMenamon and Leslie Cox.

At 10.30 Master Composter and Organic Master Gardener, Joyce McMenamon will talk about Backyard composting .

Compost is arguably the best amendment for your garden soil, and making compost is easy and fun. Following a few simple principles, you can make compost continuously out of almost anything that was once alive, while still keeping neighbours happy. Learn why, how, what (and what not),to put in your compost bin.

” Did you know that there is greater biodiversity below our feet than above! Compost feeds soil microbes that feed plants that feed us.”

Joyce has been an enthusiastic composter for decades and has been active in developing the metal Speedibin composter that keeps out rodents. Bring your questions and learn this magical art.

At 12.00 Leslie Cox, perhaps better known to Record readers by her pen name of Duchess of Dirt, will talk about Creating a Productive and Bio-diverse Garden.

“Biodiversity, or the variety of life in a particular habitat or ecosystem is the very essence of growing a healthy, productive garden.”

Leslie’s talk is about what is needed to create a biodiverse garden, rich in wildlife habitat, beneficial insects, and healthy plant species.

She will tell us how to attract those tiny irridescent hummingbirds that we all love to see in our gardens and the many pollinators that our fruit trees and vegetables need for abundant crops each summer.

Leslie also regularly posts articles, photos, and gardening tips on her website:


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