Seed packing bee November 8th 2014

Seed savers had their first packing bee on Saturday, November 8 at Lush Valley, 1126 Piercy Ave in Courtenay.
Only a few members attended and about 500 packets were submitted.
For those members new to CVGSS, the Seed Exchange is part of Seedy Saturday, held on the first Saturday in March every year.  People donating seeds from their gardens can exchange them there for an equal number of envelopes of other seeds.  The remainder of the seeds are sold.  The Seed Exchange has a long history of success and is proud to be one of the biggest in BC, perhaps the biggest.  It provides motivation and encouragement to our members to save open-pollinated (non-hybridised) seeds.
* We ask you to make sure your seeds are dry, cleaned and labelled, and that any stunted, or deformed seeds are removed.  When packing it is important to follow the guidlines for quantities of seeds in each packet.


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