Seed exchange 2022

CVGSS Seed exchange will be online this year. It will be open from January until mid-March or maybe longer.

Choose your seeds from the spreadsheet on the link below. It is regularly updated.

The seed packets are $1 each or you may exchange one packet for one packet. We reserve the right to decide which seeds we will accept to avoid having too many of one kind.

Our growers and exchangers must pledge that they have grown their own seeds and used organic methods with no harsh chemicals. Please note that we are not commercial growers and you will not always get exactly what is says on the package.

When you have your shopping list please contact Jenny Gohl and she will get it ready for you to pick up from her basement and you can leave your payment.  or 250 871-0553

7 Responses to “Seed exchange 2022”

  1. irene fizzell says:

    It shows up with an X on it and I can’t open the list. Can you send it to me in any other format please?

  2. Margaret Dumbarton says:

    I can not open either sites for the seeds. Can you help me?
    Please and thanks

  3. Margaret Dumbarton says:

    Thanks Jenny that worked.

  4. Marianne Jacobs says:

    Hello Jenny,

    Can you ship to Ontario?

    • Jenny Gohl says:

      Hi Marianne,
      So sorry but no, I am not shipping anywhere.
      Have you checked out your local Seed exchanges?
      Seeds of diversity have details.

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