Seed cleaning session Sunday February 2, at Amara Farm

IMG_7519 - editThe next seed cleaning session will be Sunday February 2, 1 to 4 pm at Amara Farm.  The winnower and the thresher will be in the greenhouse nearest the gate at 2641 Kirby Road.


The equipment will be moved to Amara farm from Lush Valley where it has been.  This will be a more suitable type of space and will eliminate the clean-up concerns.  Thanks to Arzeena Hamir and Amara Farm for making the space available.


All CVGSS members and potential members are welcome to bring any seed they would like to clean up.  Check the winnower page for information and contacts :

Those with large quantities of seed to clean, should contact Arzeena at 250-702-5657 or Alan Goodacre at 250-331-0131 to make arrangements.

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