A display of various small sealed plastic boxes, hand labelled, with precious seeds inside; a blue binder, and a few beans sprinkled on a persian carpet


Hello Seed Bankers

The second harvest is in, packed and labelled.  I have attached the Seed Bank harvest record 2013 (with quantities) that members saved this year.

We now have records for 2 consecutive years for many of the plants and their seeds, and as the project evolves, it is time to get together and discuss the questions that have arisen, and make some decisions about the possibilities for the future of the Community Seed Bank.

A meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 26 from 1 to 4pm at Creekside.  Please put it on your new calendar and plan to be there if possible.

In the next two weeks, we will send a list of suggested discussion points to get the ideas flowing.  In the meantime, please make notes of your own thoughts to bring to the meeting.

Many thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic participation in this project.

Happy New Year!
Vivien Adams

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