Saving lettuce seeds

Ralph Watts has the following method for saving lettuce seeds.

“For some this may be an easier way to save lettuce seed.” he says.


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  1. Get two plates – same type with smooth rims, or a bucket with a lid.
  2. Place plates under lettuce. Work lettuce above the plates with your fingers as the seed and husks fall onto the plates.  (Note you will get some latex like material on your fingers)
  3. Move the plates around and spread the plant to get the inner seeds.
  4.  When done, carefully pour all the seeds on to one plate and use the other to cover so you can bring the seeds indoors.  Does not take much of a breeze to spread all over the place.
  5. Repeat daily until you have enough seed.
  6. To concentrate the seed.  Put the seed in a bowl and jiggle the bowl.  The chaff will rise to the surface.  Skim off and put in another bowl as there is still quite a bit of seed in it. Rub the chaff between your fingers and repeat.  You may want to blow the last of the chaff away with a fan.  Not perfect but pretty good.



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