Nancy Hofer is guest speaker at Feb 6 Monthly Meeting

The Comox Valley Growers andNancy Hofer Seed Savers invites all interested gardeners and environmentalists to its upcoming monthly meeting on Thursday, February 6th at 7pm. The meeting will take place in the Common Room at Creekside Commons, 2202 Lambert Drive.
This month’s talk will be focused around Transition Towns and a newly-emerging project on Community Created Agriculture, hosted by Nancy Hofer.

Nancy Hofer holds the position of Environmental Planner at the City of Courtenay, and conducts sustainability related work in much of her personal time. One of her ‘side-projects’ includes the initiation of a local chapter of the international Transition Town movement, which has the mandate of being a community-led response to the challenges of Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Global Economic Crisis. 

Ensuring that communities have secure food supplies, sufficient housing, affordable transportation, a localized economy, a clean environment and an empowered and capable citizenry are common themes to all Transition Towns. The term Transition emphasizes the role that energy specifically plays in the success of our communities, and the need to transition away from fossil fuel dependency; being dependant on expensive polluting energy sources will not serve our communities over the long term and now is the time to make the changes that will last for generations. 
The local chapter has been holding monthly meetings open to the public in which various ways to reduce our individual and collective ecological footprints are explored. One project that has emerged from the Transition Town Comox Valley work, and which Nancy is apart, is the establishment of a group called Community Created Agriculture which is working to establish a community of people to farm a piece of land collectively. 
With demands for fresh water becoming increasingly severe in major food producing areas such as California, the emphasis of the group is on growing staple crops for personal consumption using permaculture methods and locally available seeds. No farming experience is necessary, and farmer mentorship is available. Nancy will speak on the background and future plans for both these initiatives and how people can get involved. More information on both and

To reach Creekside Commons from Courtenay, take Cumberland Road, turn left onto 20th Street, then the first right onto Lambert.  Follow to the end of Lambert and park on the street. Creekside Commons is a shoes-off sort of place, so bring slippers, and a mug. All are welcome by donation, and GE-Free refreshments will be serve

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