Monthly meeting May 1st 2014

Speaker: Lynda Smith

Lynda’s presentation “Changing Lawns to Food Production ” touched on many topics such as : What are the benefits of changing my lawn to food? How do I get started? When is the best time to start changing lawn to food? What is the best location? “If we have land available, the majority of plants that we grow on it should produce food”

Perhaps some people are more concerned about appearances and wonder – What will my neighbours think? Will it look okay? 

Lynda Smith relocated to the Comox Valley 2 years ago, with husband, Dave, from Pitt Meadows, BC. Lynda has been an avid vegetable gardener for over 20 years. With Dave’s help she has created several original garden plots with readily available and recycled materials.  Lynda feels that we each can help, in our own ways, with the many global and health issues related to food and how it is currently being produced. 

Her pictures of the wonderful veggies she has grown for family, friends and neighbourhood are an inspiration.

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