June 7th Monthly meeting and AGM

In June we have our AGM with the election of board members new and old.

Bernice Takahashi, who has looked after membership most efficiently for many years, will be stepping down.

Lynda Smith, who has been keeping our Facebook up to date, will also be leaving.

Please contact us if you would like to serve on the board.

Our very special guest speaker for the evening is Dirk Becker.

Dirk becker

Some years back he and his partner, Nicole, converted and old gravel pit into an oasis of fruit and vegetable plants,on 2.5 acres in Lantzville. They had to fight with the city and neighbours for the right to grow food. They won the battle but decided to sell and move to Errington and start again in a more supportive community.

He offers hands–on demonstrations and runs a variety of practical workshops at the farm where he uses simple, biointensive methods..

Over 20 years of activism and a lot of fighting against things, now his new direction is one targeted at creating things in order to facilitate real change.

Charismatic, funny and well–informed, Dirk Becker is a Sustainability Guru. His timely message reaches thousands of people through newspaper and magazine articles, at public education forums, across the internet and over the airwaves.

After the talk refreshments will be served and time for socializing.

The meeting begins at 7.00 and is held at 2202 Lambeth Drive Courtenay. This is the community of Creekside Commons and we are grateful for the use of their facilities through our board member Leona Wall.

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