Growing Great Garlic – Talk by Neil Turner


Speaker; Neil Turner of Amara Farm.

Garlic needs a minimum of 3 months of cold temperatures to clove properly and is a heavy feeder.

Why eat garlic-

  • lowers cholesterol
  • lowers the risk of stomach and prostate cancer
  • prevents colds
  • antiseptic – was used to treat gangrene – taken internally
  • It has been used for more than 7000 years – so it must be good!

There are 3 types of garlic;    Softneck – longer storage and can be braided.

Hardneck – slightly shorter storage life

forms a scape in May.

Flavour more intense

Elephant – not a true garlic.

SITE.      4 year rotation.

Very important in helping to prevent white rot which affects all alliums and can last for decades.

Needs full sun.

Mound soil or used raised beds. Garlic doesn’t like to sit in water.

BEFORE YOU PLANT. Apply 2” of manure and mix well.

WHEN THE BED IS READY; Separate the cloves carefully

Keep the skin on

Plant pointy side up.

Plant 6” apart and 2” deep.

MULCH. Straw


coffee grounds


IN THE SPRING the garlic sprouts

add another 2” manure and scrtach it in carefully


Hardnecks – the scapes will straighte, so leave one or two scapes. Eat the rest.

Bottom leaves turn brown.

CURING. Hanging is best. Hang out of direct sunlight.

Can also lay out in trays that allow air to circulate.

Curing time approximately 3 weeks.

After cleaning, store inside in dark, dry, well ventilated spot.

ADDITIONAL TIPS. Find area that doesn’t flood

Sandy loam best

Rotation – SO important

Mulch – to conserve water and prevent weeds

Heavy feeder and needs lots of nitrogen. Maybe top dress mid season.

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