First monthly meeting of the new year January 09

wheat 2013-07-11
When: Thursday, January 9th, 7 pm
Where:  Creekside Commons in Courtenay, starting at 7 pm.
What: The new film “Seeds of Sovereignty” by The Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network

The film is  a story of hope, revival and commitment. A journey to restore seed and food sovereignty in Africa. A guide to anyone looking to secure agro-ecological farming systems around the world.

Seeds of Sovereignty shares the stories of African communities embarking on a journey to revive their traditional seed diversity, and take back control over their food systems. Forging a path toward a socially just, ecologically sane and sovereign future, they are courageously challenging the corporate, profit driven model of agriculture imposed upon them.”


To reach Creekside Commons from Courtenay, take Cumberland Road, turn left onto 20th Street, then the first right onto Lambert.  Follow to the end of Lambert and park on the street (It’s a short walk to the meeting hall). Creekside Commons is a shoes-off sort of place, so bring slippers, and a mug.

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