Vendors from Seedy Saturday 2020



Heather Mills and Simon Toole.

We are a small scale seed producer based in Black Creek and have been growing 70+ varieties of Vegetable, Flower and Herb seeds since 2001. Our farm is in the process of transitioning to becoming certified organic and are proud members of the BC Eco Seed Co-op. We love to help people grow great tasting food!!


Coral Brinks

For 17 years now Brother Nature Organic Seeds has been growing and selling Certified Organic, Openly Pollinated Vegetable, Herb seeds, as well as Annual & Perennial Seeds. 4 years ago we were blessed by moving our operation to a much larger site on West Saanich Road, on Vancouver Island. As a result of our good fortune, our selection of 100% Fresh, Certified Organic seed has grown dramatically. What started out as a hobby, flourished into a business, which bloomed into a lifestyle. Our mission is a passionate one. We take great pride in providing our buyers with seeds to plant a complete biodiverse garden, that is healthy, reliable, and eco-friendly and inexpensive. Local buyers can call/text 250 661 2255 to purchase seed in person or have any questions. Open to trades if it is something we haven’t already got in our private collection. Online we ship in 3 to 5 business days. Any and all questions welcome.
We are pleased that our rapidly growing customer base is a clear indication that our products are high in quality and priced to suit today’s thrifty market.
We also germination test all our seed. We adjust our quantities in proportion to germination ratios, so that provided proper conditions, you should realize as many plants as the seed quantities states on the package or more. It’s important to us that you can rely on our quality. Our selection is heavy on plants that provide food, beauty, interest, diversity, and color.
At Brother Nature we sell you trust. Enjoy your garden, and thank you for investing in sustainable agriculture!


Mary Alice Johnson

You will find among our seeds many heritage varieties selected by generations for their excellent flavour and pest resistance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and Europe – prized by chefs from our best restaurants. More than 99% of Full Circle Seeds are grown at our farm, ALM Organic Farm in Sooke and are certified by Islands Organic Producers Association. We have been offering open-pollinated, untreated seed grown without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers since 1993.

All of our seeds are certified organic, meaning the plants these seeds came from have been grown without any herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers and are naturally healthy and robust; locally grown and adapted, meaning our seeds are grown by our farm and are from plants that have adapted to flourishing in our climate, soil conditions, and ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest; open pollinated, meaning if properly isolated from other varieties in the same plant species, you can save the seed yourself and it will come true year after year; and not genetically modified.

We grow our own seed and may have only limited quantities of some varieties. Please note that although we are certified organic in B.C., this certification is not in effect for the rest of Canada or the USA. We offer a full guarantee on all our seeds. We welcome feedback and questions about our products and process. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the seed we offer and the plants we grow.


Sal Dominelli

Sweet Rock Farm is located on Gabriola Island. They grow all of their seed on farm, and are certified organic, non-GMO, and specialize in heirloom, open-pollinated seed varieties.

5 – TreeEater Farm and Nursery

Peter Janes and Magdalene Joly

TreeEater Nursery offers the regions most diverse variety of weird and wonderful food producing perennial plants. Everything from Elephant Heart plums to Heartnut seedlings. Pink fleshed Apples to American persimmons.


Janice Fast

Here at Islepaca Farms we package our Binky’s Beans on site and distribute directly to you, the garden enthusiast. All our beans are sun dried, hand selected and are free from rocks and vegetable matter.
Using alpaca/llama manure as fertilizer is a great idea. Even though it has a lower organic content alpaca/llama manure is still considered a rich soil conditioner.
Easy to use, spread the whole or ground beans around the base of the plant. The smaller burlap bags are extremely popular are perfect for making “Alpaca Tea”.


garden Lore

Joan Wynden

Garden Lore celebrates the wonders of nature with a selection of the unique and unusual, the beautiful and the bizarre. These ornamental perennials focus on deer resistant, drought tolerant and pollinator-perfect varieties. We also offer veggie & herb starts (in season), and small fruit & berry selections.



Cathy Moulton



Devmurti and Hari Amrit Khalsa

Devmurti and Hari Amrit Khalsa at are organic growers of radiantly-healthy potted nursery trees for your garden and farm. We specialize in growing over 160 varieties of Hardy Fig Trees. All our large 2-gallon size trees are lovingly grown by us on our farm on Denman Island and are ready to plant into your garden. We sell a large variety of fruit, nut, medicinal and permaculture-oriented trees and shrubs, such as: Gingko, Hazelnut, Gooseberry, Dutch Honeysuckle, Seedless Grape, Jasmine, Italian Stone Pine Nut, Giant Sequoia and many others.


Chanchal Cabrera

Innisfree Farm and Botanic Garden is open to the public June though September. We feature 7 acres of themed gardens with over 200 species of medicinal herbs as well as an extensive collection of fruit and nut trees, a cafe in the summer season and a farm shop stocked with fresh produce and hand crafted herbal goodies.



Dan Jason

Salt Spring Seeds has been going strong since 1986. Dan Jason (photo included) has published numerous books on organic agriculture and seed saving and will have a couple of new ones at Comox Valley Seedy Saturday 2020. We specialize in high protein crops, medicinal herbs and garlic but have lots of everything, adding up to about 700 varieties of open-pollinated heritage seeds.


Jackie Holt

We are a non-profit organization that provides 2 aces of beautiful gardens for the public to use throughout the Spring and summer months. We shall be informing people about the gardens and the events that we have planned for 2020, and will give information about being a volunteer and member of the Gardens’ Society


Paul Carr

Invented by a local Registered Massage Therapist the Y Grip Garden Trowel was the answer to digging in our hard soil. Paul has created a tool that you can use to plant bulbs, transplant plants, weed, and cultivate with the ability to change your hand hold, using one or both hands, depending on your personal comfort and gardening activity. Once you try it you will feel the difference. Pop by our booth and take it for a spin. Dig Smarter, not Harder.

14 – World Community Development Education Society

Don Munroe

World Community sells fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate and olive oil. As well we produce the annual World Community Film Festival in February and Film Series events throughout the year focused on environmental and social issues.


Jessy / Harmony Delleman/ Pillon

Ravensong Seeds & Herbals is a small artisan seed and herbal product business located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We grow and gather each and every one of the herbs we use to create our products we sell to you. Growing and gathering the herbs ourselves guarantees our first-hand knowledge of quality and sustainability, providing you with seeds and herbal medicines of the highest standard both medicinally and environmentally.


Monika Grunberg




Fiona Hamersley Chambers

Metchosin Farm is owned and operated by Fiona Hamersley Chambers, an ethnobotanist, seed farmer and educator and who grew up homesteading with her family in Nuu-chah-nulth territory on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island. Now growing 280+ seed crops and a wide selection of soft fruits and roots/tubers. Metchosin Farm also focused on creating new food crop varieties. We believe that you ‘learn best by doing’ and that hands-on experiential learning is key to our shared successful future in our home place. This includes growing your own food from locally-adapted seeds and plant stock!

18 – Sacred Pastures Rare & Specialty Plants


Johnny Knot

Hi, my name is Johnny, I am excited to be bringing unique plants to Seedy Saturday this year, because it was one of the first connections I had to Amazing Rare Plants that are possible to grow in our Pacific Northwest Climate. After a combination of growing reforestation trees/ dabbling with my own tropical landscapes for many years, I formed a strong desire to find unique secrets to growing a wide array of plants in our area. Not only do I believe in giving customers the best deals on locally grown plants, I also love to provide the knowledge needed to make that plant thrive.
I look forward to seeing all of you this coming Seedy Saturday.


Joyce McMenamon

We are all about backyard composting. Speedibin composters are metal and designed to keep out rats and be easy to use. Feed the soil that feeds the plants that feed us!


Larry Church

I started working with mason bees in the 1990’s while a member of the Victoria Horticultural Society. Following the best information available at the time I made a bee condo by drilling holes in a 4X4. The next spring it was obvious that this was not the way to go. The following spring I placed out my first cleanable bee condo. Later that year I met a videographer who had filmed mason bees inside a bee condo while they were preparing nests to lay eggs. This was such an eye opener that I have used this video in many classes that I teach.

After many remakes and continuing to refine the design I now have a compact bee condo that is easy to install and to clean.This new bee condo is made of 100% recycled wood and should house 150+ bees. It is easy to clean and should last a lifetime with very little maintenance. One of my bee condos is 20 years old now and still in a good as new condition.




Richard Kuehnel

My name is Richard Kuehnel. my partner Alexandra and I own and operate a small independent seed farm on Protection Island, BC. We specialize in rare, unusual, and perennial food food crops, and strive to encourage biodiversity across Vancouver Island and beyond.



Sandra Hofer

Its rare when I don’t have dirt under my nails. My passion is growing a wide diversity of rare and difficult to find plants including species rhododendron, native woodland flowers, peonies, nut and fruit trees from seed.

23 – Don’s Functional Garden Art


Don Mitchell

I am a passionate gardener who grew up in the Comox Valley and for the past 11 years have worked here as an irrigation consultant. My work takes me to many gardens and I noticed that there is a big lack of good quality and artistic garden supports for plants such as tomatoes, dahlias, roses and other climbing varieties. I decided to combine my love of making useful art, tools and musical instruments out of wood, green wood and metal and produce artistic lasting supports for all your gardening needs. Visit me at Seedy Saturday and see my offering or discuss your special needs…Yes, I also do custom work!!


24 – Comox Valley Community Seed Bank

Vivien Adams

I have been a proud member of the Comox Valley Community Seed Bank, since it started 8 years ago. Like most of our members, I am not a professional horticulturist or farmer, but I have a passion for seed saving and I love being part of a community of like-minded people.  I have learned a great deal about growing and saving seeds, as well as the importance of maintaining and improving this life skill.  I believe that food security and local self sufficiency will become increasingly necessary.

The Seed Bank has as its goal to conserve locally-grown seeds that have been grown in different parts of the Valley, in different years.  We select the best plants which give us the best seeds, and put them together to obtain genetic diversity which makes the seeds stronger, more resilient, more diverse, and then the plants carry the same qualities.  A quantity of these seeds are frozen each year, according to Community Seed Bank protocols.

Along with this project, our members can participate in the Living Seed Bank, exchanging seeds and growing them out, keeping records of their performance.  All the seeds are open-pollinated, that is not crossed with other varieties, so that the seeds grow true.

This year the Seed Bank plans to offer a series of workshops for people who want to learn how to grow vegetables from seeds, through transplanting and selecting, soil, fertilization, watering, care of plants, and up to saving their seeds.  There is a lot to learn in growing plants from seed, and the best way to do it is with the help of experienced gardeners.  More information on the workshops later.

25 – Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association

Mark Fleming

Do you have a Planting or Gardening Question? Vancouver Island Master Gardeners are your community gardening resource We are eager to help you get your seeds and plants off to a successful start and a satisfied harvest. The Master Gardeners are pleased to offer information and answers to home gardeners of all ages and experience regarding plants, veggies, berries, shrubs, trees, planting, soils, composting, plant ID, pruning, propagation, weeds, pest/disease and their controls while emphasizing environmentally responsible gardening practices. Ask us about the Master Gardener’s Program offered in the fall at Vancouver Island University or visit

26 – Project Watershed

Kathy Haigh

As part of our Estuary Stewardship, Project Watershed has committed to the restoration of the Field Sawmill site. We have been given a name for the site by the K’ómoks First Nation and are now calling it Kus-kus-sum. Our vision is to create vibrant and productive habitat and connect it to Hollyhock flats, which is adjacent to the site and one of the most productive areas in the Estuary. It’s a big job and it’s going to take a lot of work, we hope you will join us in creating this legacy.

27- Coastal Invasive Species Committee

Donald hare

Coastal Species Committee is a non-profit society that collaborates with partners to improve invasive species management and education on Vancouver Island, Invasive alien species in the Coastal ISC area are managed to minimize impacts to communities, resource lands and natural environments, while active restoration efforts are rebuilding resilient ecosystems. Contact Coastal ISC to discuss management of your invasive species.

28 – Valley Succulents

Jamey Lauinger

Valley Succulents is located in the Comox Valley and has been in business for 12 years. What started as a hobby has grown into a full time family business with sales across Canada. We have always thrived to grow and sell only the highest quality plants with a wide range of tender and hardy Cacti and Succulents. In addition to Cacti and Succulents we also have a good selection of perennials, trees and shrubs. Seasonally we offer a good selection of Vegetable starts with an eye for the unusual.

29 – Women’s Food and Water Initiative

Stephen Fisher-Bradley

Women’s Food and Water initiative for a Sustainable Vancouver Island Bioregion Association (Women’s Food and Water Initiative or WFWI for short) was founded in 2009 in Port Alberni, BC, “Securing food and water in a RAPIDLY changing climate for all communities of the Vancouver Island Bioregion”.
Mirabel Urban Farm was founded as a social enterprise and has been producing 100% locally (Alberni Valley) acclimatised seeds (veggie, herb, flower and medicinal) ever since. Since the Alberni Valley is usually the hottest or the coldest on the Island, these seeds are highly prized for their hardiness.
Various successful campaigns include:
— the first City of Port Alberni climate change committee
— protecting city owned ALR land from being taken out of the ALR
— Port Alberni’s first urban farming bylaw, allowing chickens, bees, and home produce stands
— coordinating the Alberni Valley Seedy Saturday for the last 10 years
— founding the Uptown Urban Farming Collective, uniting the efforts of 4 urban farms and one wildcrafter in the Uptown neighbourhood
Recent ongoing campaigns include:
— The Great Family Potato Project, encouraging families to learn to grow potatoes by the Ruth Stout mulch method, no till, very little work, low water, easy harvest
— The People’s Coalition to Survive the Climate Food Emergency.  We consider harvest failures in most of the world’s breadbaskets in the same year to be inevitable as weather extremes and abnormalities get more and more extreme for many decades to come.  The global corporate food system will stop as soon as its products are priced out of the market.  We will then be reliant on local food systems for all our food needs. The rapid transition to local food systems will require a common effort of all Canadians and our governments much like World War II.  Failing that, it will be up to local communities to do what they can.
We will be selling our acclimatised seeds, sunchoke seed tubers, plants, and Cafe Femenino organic fair trade coffee beans (sold directly to non-profit wholesaler by women farmers without middlemen, and roasted on Quadra Island.

“Look for us on facebook” as our only website is our page.

30 – Black Bear Herbs

Amanda Howe

Black Bear Herbs is a Herb Garden and Herb School in Cumberland BC . Amanda Howe is the owner of Black Bear Herbs and she has been a Herbalist for over thirty years. She trained in the UK and has an MSc in Herbal Medicine from the University of Wales. Amanda has a passion for teaching and connecting people to the magic of herbs. Black Bear Herbs has classes in Medicine Making, Herb Weekends, Harvesting, Wild Medicinals, Gardening, as well as offering Apprenticeships in Herbal Medicine.

31 – Denman Island Heritage Apples

Kate Janeway

Denman Island Heritage Apples is a small fruit tree nursery that specializes in propagating traditional apple trees on 5 acres on Canada’s West Coast. Our knowledge base and services include year round orchard care, orchard design, and juice pressing.

32 – Comox Valley Horticultural Society

Evelyn Rawcliffe

The Comox Valley Horticultural Society is a volunteer organization created for and made up of folks with an interest specifically in gardening and generally in the broader field of horticulture. The Purpose of the Society is to provide education, resources and networking opportunities for gardeners and horticulturalists in the Comox Valley.

33 – The Blueberry Man


34 – Lake Trail Community Education Society

Elaine Codling

Lake Trail Community Education Society promotes an integrated focus on lifelong learning, healthy lifestyles, community development and engagement leading to improved learning, stronger families and a healthier community. Lake Trail Community Middle School strives to be a neighbourhood centre accessible to everyone.

35 – Comox Valley Beekeepers

Comox Valley Beekeepers Association is a non profit society, dedicated to the education and safe practice of beekeeping. Last year we had over 120 members, from Cortez and Quadra, Campbell River, the CV, and even Denman and Hornby Islands. We are an all age group.



36 – Discovery Greenhouses

River Turner


37 – Omega Blue Farms


Wayne Osborne

Omega Blue Farms is a Heritage Food Conservation farm. We hatch our own meat chickens, turkeys, and ducks. We produce our own seeds

38 – Forge Thru Thyme

Fred de St Croix

Fred de St. Croix of the Forge Thru Thyme is Metal Shop that has been involved with industrial installations and repairs, product design development & manufacture, manufacturing contracting and management of projects for over 20 years.
The focus of our organization is dedicated to supporting the modernization and reinvention of traditional methods, techniques and tools for our food supply systems to help strengthen local communities to better adapt as the circumstances of the evolution.
Our business model relies on close, mutually beneficial associations between buyers and suppliers to help develop product designs that are functional, repairable, dependable while keeping prices within reason by offering Pre-order sales with scheduled annual builds.
New products are being developed and added all the time so we would like to speak with you about what sort of tools you would like for us to reinvent. Looking forward to building you tools from the past for our future sustainability with an Industrial Artisan working at making it better.