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The Penguins – Seed Bank Freezer Project

The Penguins – or the Freezer Committee of the Seed Bank. Team members – Terry Batt, Jenny Gohl and Royann Petrell.   In march we took one of the bins of seeds saved in 2012. Our aim was to start germination testing. We found that some of the packets had too few seeds for freezing …

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BE PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY SEED BANK BECOME A SEED CURATOR Here’s how: 1. The CV Seed Bank supplies you with seeds (you choose from a list). 2. You grow these seeds, enjoy the harvest, let a few of the best plants go to seed. Throughout the season, keep a few simple notes on how …

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Seed cleaning session Sunday February 2, at Amara Farm

The next seed cleaning session will be Sunday February 2, 1 to 4 pm at Amara Farm.  The winnower and the thresher will be in the greenhouse nearest the gate at 2641 Kirby Road.   The equipment will be moved to Amara farm from Lush Valley where it has been.  This will be a more …

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Seed Bank meeting January 26

Hello Seed Bankers Several members have requested an opportunity to clarify our purpose in having a Community Seed Bank, and what options we have for future directions. In addition to this ‘big picture’ discussion, there are also some logistical issues to go over.  these include: –  Should we freeze a portion of our harvest? –  …

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  Hello Seed Bankers The second harvest is in, packed and labelled.  I have attached the Seed Bank harvest record 2013 (with quantities) that members saved this year. We now have records for 2 consecutive years for many of the plants and their seeds, and as the project evolves, it is time to get together and …

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Another seed cleaning session December 4

Everyone is welcome to a seed cleaning get-together Wednesday December 4, 4pm  to 6pm, at Lush Valley Food Action Society.  Lush Valley is at 1126 Piercy Ave   As last time we will have the CVGSS winnower and the small electric-powered thresher.     These photos are from the October 30 session.       …

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Seed Saving 101

CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION OF THIS PAGE Amaranth Method of Pollination – Amaranth is self fertile, but is occasionally wind pollinated. Time to Harvest Seeds – Cut down and dry the seed heads when they start to drop a few seeds. When they are dry and brittle, thresh them and blow away the …

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Seed cleaning session at Lush Valley Oct 30, 2013

Every one welcome to get seeds cleaned with the CVGSS winnower, 4 to 6pm Oct 30.  If you miss this one there will be more.  Lush Valley is at 1126 Piercy Ave

Winnower cleans up lettuce seed – by Arzeena Hamir

Earlier this year, the Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers (CVGSS) purchased a winnower in order to make seed cleaning easier for its members and for local farmers. A number of the Board Members had seen the winnower in action at a Seed Conference last November and we were greatly impressed. I decided to take …

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The second year’s crop comes in for the Seed Bank

Article by Vivien Adams Photos by Joyce McMenamon The Comox Valley Community Seed Bank members are harvesting the seeds of the second year of our operation.  Many of these seeds were taken from the first year’s harvest, and grown on this year.  We will accumulate records on the progress of these seed varieties, to monitor …

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