Brother Nature Organic Seeds

Brother Nature Organic Seeds has been growing and selling Certified Organic, Openly Pollinated Vegetable, Herb, Annual & Perennial seed for 14 years now. You can search our site by name,latin name, or color. Alternatively, our New Zone feature will allow you to sort our diverse selection and display only the seeds that will grow in your location. Above all..Feel Free to ask questions, we enjoy sharing our knowledge, but also note that all information needed for success is printed on the package and on this website, often times, in further detail.

Our Certified Organic seed is grown is West Saanich, on Vancouver Island where we are blessed with abundant summer sunshine, pure clean water and excellent growing conditions.

Our mission is simple. To provide you the buyer, with seeds for a complete bio diverse garden, grown from an inexpensive, reliable eco-friendly seed source. Feedback has been excellent over the years and we will continue to strive to meet the ever growing public desire, to grow healthy chemical free plants.

We are pleased that our rapidly growing customer base is a clear indication that our products are high in quality and priced to suit today’s thrifty market.

We also germination test all our seed. We adjust our quantities in proportion to germination ratios, so that provided proper conditions, you should realize as many plants as the seed quantities states on the package or more. It’s that important to us that you can rely on our quality. Our selection is heavy on plants that provide food, beauty, interest, diversity and color.

Learn more about Brother Nature Organic Seeds on our Media page.

At Brother Nature we sell you trust. Enjoy your garden, and thank you for investing in sustainable agriculture!

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