Bean burgers

In search of the perfect bean burger.


1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into chunks (about 1 cup)

2 Tablespoons oil

pinch of salt

2 cups cooked beans

1/2 cup finely diced onion

1 cup cooked brown rice

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 tablespoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon ground chili powder (or less)

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons tamari

1/8 cup cornmeal

  1. Mix sweet potato with 1 tablespoon oil and salt and roast for 20 to 25 mins at 425 F
  2. Warm remaining tablespoon oil in saute pan and saute onion till browned (about 5 mins)
  3. In blender pulse all the ingredients, plus the sweet potato and onion, being careful not to overmix.
  4. Season to taste and form patties.
  5. Brown patties in heavy skillet with a little oil.
  6. Serve with tomato, onion, sprouts or maybe green chili guacamole?


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