April 5th 2018 meeting – Fruit trees and getting your seeds started.

The membership meeting in April will have two speakers.

Sylvain Alie, our chair, will talk about getting our seeds started and will answer your seedling related questions.          On his farm. Stella Raven, he and his wife Royann start 100’s of seedlings every year and have surely learnt the do’s and don’ts the hard way.

Rod Heitzmann from Creekside Commons has agreed to do a presentation  on growing heritage apple trees in the Comox Valley.
He has planted and cared for the apple trees at Creekside for the last 10 years. He will answer questions not only about apple trees but blueberries etc.
The meeting will begin at 7.00 and will be followed by some snacks from Sonja, a bit of Eduardo’s chili left over from Seedy Saturday and some of Linda’s freshly made cornbread.
All are welcome. Members pay nothing and anyone else is by donation.

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