Another seed cleaning session December 4

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The threshing is actually a lot of work to do with “manual” methods, especially when you have many sheaves like this to do. The thresher worked well on barley, wheat and rye, but can probably do anything with seed-heads and stalks.

Everyone is welcome to a seed cleaning get-together Wednesday December 4, 4pm  to 6pm, at Lush Valley Food Action Society.  Lush Valley is at 1126 Piercy Ave


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The winnower is now fitted with a discharge screen which catches most of the chaff so it doesn’t fly all over the room. It also makes it easy to catch the discharge and re-run if there is seed in it.

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The thresher worked well on grains, where the seed heads can be fed in while holding the stalks. We tried it with beans but due to the design of the mechanism we found that it damages them too much.

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The winnower CAN be run by one person, but it’s so much fun everybody wants to be in on it somehow.

As last time we will have the CVGSS winnower and the small electric-powered thresher.



These photos are from the October 30 session.







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