Aug 12 2014

Volunteer appreciation party

On the beautiful sunny evening of 22nd June 2014 volunteers from Seedy Saturday and the Plant Sale gathered at the home of Royann and Sylvain, new Board directors, at Stellar Raven Farm in Royston.

It began in the afternoon with a review of the two events with many useful comments and suggestions. Thanks to the 12 people who attended the session.

Royann has created a haven for a large number of birds, with brush piles, trees and ponds and sent us out to find as many varieties as possible. Leona was the winner with 20 species sighted or heard and won a pot of homemade jam.

About 50 people gathered for a barbeque of salmon and veggie burgers and a potluck of side dishes and deserts.

Susan thanked the volunteers for their contribution to another successful seed saving year.

party for web

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