Oct 29 2016

Seedy Saturday 2017


4th March from10.00 till 3.00 at the Florence Filberg Centre Curtenay

Entry is $5.00 for adults. Children, members and volunteers get in free.

Once again we will be hosting our seed exchange with many varieties of locally grown seeds. Only $1.00 per packet.

We will aslo have many Vancouver Island seed companies with their seeds and maybe even seeds from further afield, all organic and non GMO.

The Seedy Cafe will be open from early till 10.00 am with complimentary drinks and baked goodies for vendors and volunteers. At 11.30 the chefs will be serving a delicious vegetarian lunch available to all for a fee and to volunteers in exchange for a meal ticket.

Our keynote speakers will be Connie Kuramoto and Donna Balzer.

Donna Balzer  Speaker and garden writer.  10.30 – 11.30


At Seedy Saturday she will talk about ” Have Fun in Your Garden – new ideas for 2017 “

Why should kids have all the fun?  Taking the lead from best selling, richly illustrated No Guff Vegetable Gardening, Donna will speak about new ideas in the garden plus old garden ideas worth recycling! This talk will include soils,  fertilizers, trends and new technologies that will boost your garden success meter.  In really big news, it’s all 100% organic. Don’t delay, dig in today.


donna b 3 (2) Donna’s winter garden.donna with kale

 Connie Kuramoto   1.00 – 2.00

Seed Saving; The Heart of the garden.

Join Connie Kuramoto as she talks about the importance of saving seeds for our environment, as well as our enjoyment.  Learn how to culture a diverse gene pool within your garden that is both tasty and resilient!  It’s easier than you think!”

Connie Kuramoto has been an active part of the Vancouver Island Horticulture scene since the mid seventies. She has over forty years of experience that ranges from selling flowers on the street corner, to managing greenhouses and market gardens, with a lot of home food growing in between. Connie taught Horticulture for Vancouver Island University for over twenty years, and since she retired has taught for North Island College in their Horticulture Apprenticeship Program, and for Gaia College’s Organic Land Care Diploma. She is currently running a Gaia College Growing Organic Food Course and series of home food gardening and traditional skills classes at the Parksville Museum’s Urban Farm School. Connie is available for specialized workshops and training, as well as consulting and garden services through her company, Gardens on the Go.

Connie Kuramoto

Connie Kuramoto

Connie Kuramoto

Connie Kuramoto


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  1. Karen Bull

    Hi- what does it cost to attend your seedy saturday? I have been once several years ago. I grow dahlias. My friend Anne went last year with her dahlias but isn’t going this next year so I would like to go. thanks Karen DDC Dahlias

  2. Karen Bull

    hi again. ..sorry, I see the vendor application now. jumped the gun with the last email. My questions are answered 🙂 thank you Karen

    1. Jenny Gohl

      Hi Karen,
      Glad you got your question sorted out.
      Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have.

      1. Karen Bull

        Hi again. Kind of confused as to getting 2 -8ft tables – I am not a business but a hobbyist selling dahlia tubers. Part of the profit will be going to Deep Bay Fire Hall so what category should I use?? thanks Karen

  3. Allison

    Hello, I don’t see clearly anywhere where and when the 2017 seedy saturday will be happening…
    maybe i am missing it, but I do think it could be made more obvious.
    when i click on the picture of dried beans that says Seedy Saturday, it links to a seed sale in 2016…

    1. Jenny Gohl

      Hi Allison, if you click on Seedy saturday along the top bar yoou should get more information.

      1. Sarah

        Allison is right, there is no clear information stating Where it is, When it is and What time it runs.
        This info should be clear and front and centre.

        1. Jenny Gohl

          Thanks for the feedback. I have now remedied it.

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