Seedy Saturday 2015 – March 7th

‘Preparing for Climate Change’

We’re noticing the changes around us and announcing our commitment to preparing the Comox Valley for climate change; to increase the number of people planting food crops and saving seeds; and to celebrating the growing local harvest.  


Our 16th annual Seed Exchange & Horticultural Trade Show will once again be at the Filberg Centre in downtown Courtenay on March 7th, 2015.

General admission $5 (CVGSS members and children under 12 free). 


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List of Vendors

  • Anderton Therapeutic Gardens Society
  • Animate Soils  [learn_more caption=”Learn more about Animate Soils”] We are colleagues working in horticulture, arboriculture and environmental restoration, who share values around the importance of environmentally sensitive approaches to soil and plant health. In our work with gardens, trees and the planted environment, we choose our tools from Natures toolkit; compost and Aerated Compost Tea, mulching and biochar, interplanting and guilding, fungal inoculation and proper site analysis. Primarily we support the diversity of life in the soil to bring the results we all want to see: vibrant colourful gardens, self-sustaining environments, bountiful fruits, nuts and vegetables, and resilient, vigorous ecosystems. We always love to talk soil, and want to connect with those who have any interest, questions, or their own special tools and techniques for benefiting the soil. [/learn_more]  
  • Arbornaut Nursery
  • Bloomfield Flats Custom Cedar Furniture
  • Brother Nature Organic Seeds
  • Coastal Invasive Species Committee
  • Comox Valley Bee Clubs 
  • Comox Valley Horticultural Society
  • Comox Valley Organics Collective
  • Comox Valley Growers & Seed Savers
  • CVGSS Seed Bank
  • Cowichan Compost/Garden Diva [learn_more caption=”Learn more about Cowichan Compost”] Cowichan Compost is a company that produces and sells Bokashi and Activated EM. Among the many benefits of our products is the acceleration of compost to a usable product, and is a compliment to seed savers and organic garden practices. We source our raw materials locally and make our product in the Cowichan Valley. This is very popular in Europe and Aus. and something we would love to be just as popular in Canada, these chemical free alternatives can surely help in an effort to save our planet. Please view our facebook page & website for more information. The only thing we do not produce are our unique bins for composting however, these bins are hard for the average person to come by – we have them specialty ordered. And they do compliment our Bokashi composting system, but are not mandatory for product use.[/learn_more]  
  • Doug’s Bees 
  • Fresh Earth Products [learn_more caption=”Learn more about Fresh Earth Products”] The ideal backyard composter! That’s the goal of Speedibin – to make composting easy and successful. Made of metal, with a metal bottom screen and locking lid, pests can’t get in. The lid and front door slide off for easy access. At 405 litres, it is big enough to make hot compost and small enough to fit discreetly in the yard. Started 25 years ago, the business is continuing with the daughter of the original inventor. Several design changes for 2015 make it stronger, easier to assemble and good looking in a dark green colour. Check it out and then test your composting skills at our display.[/learn_more]
  • Full Circle Seeds
  • Garden Lore 
  • Good Earth Farms [learn_more caption=”Learn more about Good Earth Farms”] Simon and Heather are dedicated to producing all natural fruit, vegetables, and seeds with an emphasis on flavor and quality and to promote the health of our customers, farmers, and the environment. In 2014, we celebrated our 12th year of vending at Seedy Saturday and also the Comox Valley Farmers market. It was our 10th year at our farm in Black Creek. We are a small family farm situated on 4.5 acres. We take a lot of pride in what we grow, in being young farmers and supplying our local community. Our emphasis is on older varieties that have amazing flavour. We sell our Seeds, Strawberries and Garlic at the Comox Valley Farmers Market ( , or by appointment from the farm, and our seeds are at Saratoga Gifts and Videos, Seeds Food Market, Weinbergs Fine Food, and Jenny’s Gift’s and Ecletica.[/learn_more]  
  • Innisfree Farm Biophilia Centre and Botanic Garden [learn_more caption=”Bio”] Innisfree Farm Biophilia Centre and Botanic Garden is a 7 acre, uncertified organic vegetable and herb farm in Royston that offers classes, workshops and internships in natural food and herbal medicines, horticulture therapy and sustainable lifestyles. Innisfree Farm runs the Comox Valleys oldest CSA with a weekly food box program serving 15 households for 20 weeks each year. We are open to public on Fridays and Saturdays 4 months a year and we offer afternoon teas and free guided garden tours on Saturdays. We host monthly ‘field to fork’ farmhouse dinners. [/learn_more]  
  • Lacar Enterprises
  • LUSH Valley
  • Merville Organics
  • Metchosin Farms
  • Nature Spirit Permaculture/Figs For Life [learn_more caption=”Learn more about Figs for Life”] Devmurti and Hari Amrit Khalsa are organic growers of radiantly-healthy potted nursery stock for your garden and farm. We specialize in growing over 100 varieties of Hardy Fig Trees. Trees are large 2-gallon sized potted plants ready to plant into your garden. We sell a large variety of fruit, nut, medicinal and ornamental shrubs and trees such as: Black Mulberry, Goji Berry, Hazelnut, Japanese Heartnut, Jasmine, Honey Locust, and, of course, our 100 varieties of Hardy Fig Trees.[/learn_more]  
  • Omega Blue Farms  [learn_more caption=”Learn more about Omega Blue Farms”] Omega Blue Farms is a heritage animal and heirloom plant conservation farm. The animal and plant varieties we utilize are maintained, restored, and improved using traditional breeding and organic practices. Unlike the food found in the grocery store, the heritage foods we offer are grown from publicly (Canadian) owned genetics. By buying Omega Blue, you are supporting your own food security and food sovereignty.[/learn_more]  
  • Perennial Ridge Farms 
  • Ravenhill Herbs
  • Salt Spring Seeds
  • Seeds of Diversity
  • Sloping Hills Farm 
  • SOIL Apprenticeship
  • Sugarshack Seeds 
  • TreeEater Nursery
  • Vancouver Island Master Gardeners
  • Ygrip
  • Weegasin Farm
  • West Coast Flavour [learn_more caption=”Learn more about West Coast Flavours”] Brian Scott’s West Coast Flavours is a cooperative venture reflecting local artist, Brian Scott’s, desire to support organic sustainable agriculture in the Comox Valley. Brian has partnered with RainCoast Farm to create original hand painted garden art pieces, which include Birdhouses, Birdfeeders, Flower pots and fine art garden center pieces. West Coast Flavours also features naturally fermented Artisan Vinegars in a variety of flavours , live naturally fermented pickled vegetables and organic gardening products designed to enhance soil life growth and diversity to promote maximium plant health and nutrition.[/learn_more]  


We all know weather weirding is already happening  – we just need to look at our creeks and rivers, our rainfall patterns and the bottoms of our rain barrels and wells over the last several years.  Good news is that so many people on the Island (and elsewhere) have been doing what growers have always done – saving the best seeds, from the most productive plants for personal use and for sharing.  

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CVGSS members and supporters joined forces more than 15 year ago, not in response to climate change which was just hitting our radar, but in response to a deep yearning for, and understanding of, the need for healthy soil, locally adapted food crops, environmentally regenerative practices and building community through a shared vision and cooperation.   

That history; the many experiments with their failures and successes contribute to the resiliency of the Comox Valley. Some of the knowledge gained from years of paying attention, keeping records and trying again and again is what is on offer this year at Seedy Saturday.  The speaker program, the vendors, the seed exchange and the opportunities to socialize, break bread together and share tips, tricks and the joy of getting your hands dirty are all part of the plan to help us prepare.  

We’ve got some of our favourite speakers returning, and some new friends joining us to share their expertise and answer questions from beginners to experts.  Lynda Smith of Lawn to Food will help beginners get started; Connie Kuramoto presents ‘The Miracle of Soil’  and Tyler Johns can help us learn to control pests without relying on unnatural methods.  A panel of Master Gardeners will share some mastery and answer questions in a large room format as well as being available in the vendor hall throughout the day.  Gord Hutchings is returning to speak about pollinators – particularly the bees of Vancouver Island. Craig Evans and Jen Cody have experience in saving seeds at an expert level – and they’re willing to share.[/learn_more]


2015 Scheduled Speakers


Lynda Smith, Lawn to Food (10:15am): Getting Started [learn_more caption=”Lynda’s Bio”] Lynda Smith is enthusiastic about transforming Lawn to Food production. She joins the growing number of people who are taking responsibility for their own food security by planting gardens, fruit shrubs, and trees. Lynda can assist in enlarging your current growing space or help with weekly maintenance for your food garden. Whether you aspire to have a few veggie pots on the patio, or grow a self-sufficient food supply, Lynda can help you reach your goals through inspiration and/or perspiration. Join her as she encourages others and shares her knowledge about transforming Lawn to Food production. [/learn_more]


Connie Kuramoto, Gardens on the Go (11am): The Miracle of Soil [learn_more caption=”Connie’s Bio”] Connie started her career in Horticulture with studies in Botany at the University of Massachusetts and selling flowers on the street corners of Albequerque New Mexico. She taught at Vancouver Island University and served as their technician for twenty years ending in her retirement in 2008. Since then she has taught Horticulture for North Island College in the Horticulture Apprenticeship Program and for Gaia College, which offers a diploma in Organic Land Care. Connie has always supplemented her teaching with real life experience, and is currently manager of a nine acre farm in Port Alberni that hires people with mental illnesses through the Canadian Mental Health Association, and on contract with the Alberni Clayquot Regional District to help them implement their Agricultural Plan. As part of her business, Gardens on the Go, Connie teaches workshops and training sessions, gives talks and writes articles, in addition to offering garden services such as consulting and pruning. She is hoping to find some time to write her first book, entitled the” Lazy Gardener”, subtitled “How doing things the easy way can save your soil and save your back.”[/learn_more]

Connie Kuramoto

Connie Kuramoto

[learn_more caption=”More details about Connie’s talk”] We are living in an exciting time. The electron microscope has made it easier than ever to find out how soil works, who lives in the soil, and how we can nuture these soil inhabitants.

Connie Kuramoto’s presentation will introduce you to some of the more interesting and helpful soil creatures and lead you through some ideas that will help you feed and protect them. Come and find out how protecting them protects your soil, and how feeding them will nourish your entire garden, as well as the ecosystem that surrounds it.

Come with an open mind and you will leave with an open heart for these scores of amazing, tiny, willing garden helpers who are just doing the job that evolution set them up to do many many thousands of years ago. Lucky for us![/learn_more]


Tyler Johns (11:45am): Natural Pest Control


Joanne Canning, Terry Fassbender & others, Ask an Expert Gardener’s Panel (12:30pm): Question Period – all levels [learn_more caption=”Jo-Ann’s Bio”] Jo-Ann Canning teaches sustainable food and ornamental gardening, drawing on over 40 years experience in climates as diverse as Nova Scotia, the UK, the American Southwest and Rocky Mountains, as well as the mini climates of the Sunshine Coast, mid and northern Vancouver Island. She was raised gardening with her mother at the family home on Vancouver’s West Side, and on her grandparents’ Fraser Valley farm. She became involved in sustainable horticulture in the 1970s, and in 1996 was certified with the Master Gardeners Association of BC. Her articles and photographs are often published on the Association’s website.[/learn_more]  

Joanne Canning

Joanne Canning


[learn_more caption=”Terry’s Bio”]

Growing health, hope and happiness. As an eager hobby farmer, for the last 25 years I’ve enjoyed growing and feeding my family the most wholesome foods available. With sustainability as my guiding principal and self-sufficiency as the ultimate goal, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with many different gardening/farming/ranching methods. In an attempt to share the good eats with others, and turn the hobby farm into a viable “CSA” enterprise, I completed the Organic Master Gardeners Course in Stony Plain, AB, in 2013. Thanks to the Master Gardeners’ program I have a greatly expanded gardening tool-kit to measure my experiments with. I soon realized I needed more time for experimenting in the garden. So, I promptly moved the family from the Athabasca area of Alberta (88 frost free days/year) to Tahsis, BC (over 200 frost free days/year). Now, I look forward to sharing the pursuit of growing health, hope and happiness, here in “LotusLand”. [/learn_more]


Gordon Hutchings, Hutchings Bee Service (1:15pm): Climate Change and Native Pollinators [learn_more caption=”Gordon’s Bio”] Gordon Hutchings of Hutchings Bee Service has been studying native bees for 25 years in B.C., Yukon and Saskatchewan. He has been contract field biologist for Royal B.C. Museum, B.C. Ministry of Environment (Conservation Data Centre), the Yukon Territory Government, and Canada Wildlife Service. A busy bee himself, Gordon is a prolific speaker and advocate in his field, and can be found around and about Vancouver Island teaching and speaking about native bee species.[/learn_more]  

Gordon Hutchings

Gordon Hutchings


Craig Evans & Jen Cody (2pm): Seed Saving for experts

[learn_more caption=”Craig’s Bio”] Has been involved in agriculture for over 30 years and is the President of the Island Farmers Alliance, the Nanaimo Downtown Farmers Market, and on the Board of Nanaimo Foodshare Society, Farmship Growers Coop, and Growing Opportunities Farm Community Coop. His favourite passions are hiking in the alpine and kale.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Jenn’s Bio”] Has been active in the food community since 1998. She is a founding member and a past chair for the BCFSN, a provincial network involved with food system issues. Her fun and adventure has been as an active coordinator/worker and founder of Growing Opportunities Community Farm and Farmship Growers Coop. The farm is in its 3rd year of a carrot seed research project, developing a protocol for growing carrot for seed in high tunnels. This allows growers to grow carrot for seed in areas where queen annes lace is prevalent, or wanting to grow more than one variety of carrot out for seed in one year. She also has worked with the Centre Island Seed Savers Network, and recently developed a mobile seed processing facility available to seed producers to use on the island. In addition, Jen is also a bee keeper.[/learn_more]


Craig Evans & Jen Cody

Craig Evans & Jen Cody

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2015 Sponsors

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