Jun 03 2014

Saving Kale seeds

I have two varieties of kale and want to save seeds from both of them.

One has smooth, tender green leaves, the tenderest kale I have ever grown.

The other is a deep purple frilly kale, rich in anthocyanins and vitamin K.

Tender leaf kale

Tender leaf kale

Purple frilly kale

Purple frilly kale

To stop the from cross pollinating I cut the developing flowers off the green kale

and let the bees do their work on the purple kale. When the flowers were falling

off I bagged two sections of the purple kale so they would be completely isolated

from pollinating insects and let the green kale flower.

The seeds from the purple kale bags will be pure and the rest could possibly be

a new variety of tender leaf purple kale.


bagged kale

bagged kale

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