On the occasion of the death of Farley Mowat

I hear today that Farley Mowat has died at age 92.  By his own account, he was not well adapted to growing crops as an occupation, but he will be missed as someone deeply concerned about the natural environment.  In that concern I think he had something in common with members of CVGSS.

I just want to mark the event, and take the opportunity to convey the following.

Since reading some of his books in the 1990s I have often thought of writing him a note of appreciation.  It seemed he’d always be around so I always put it off.  Life occasionally reminds me of the last line in his book “The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”.  I don’t know it word for word, but it’s the general sentiment I remember.  With its reference to the passing of time, changing circumstance, and death, that line came to mind again today.  In the story, Mutt (the dog who wouldn’t be) has just died, marking the end of the childhood of Farley Mowat.  At the same time, he faces the disconsolation of military service in the looming war.  I went to get the book and found the line.  Here it is :

“The pact of timelessness between the two of us was ended, and I went from him into the darkening tunnel of the years.”

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