May 04 2016

May 5th Monthly Meeting

Our main speaker this month was Tyler Johns a horticulturist who talked about the various pests and predators that we have in our gardens. He explained how we need to provide a suitable habitat for the various insects that help control the pests.
We can build insect hotels. here is a link for ideas….insect hotels    bug hotelThis will provide habitat for many different bugs.
provide a pile if dry sticks, grow certain plants that have nectar rich flowers, let your plants bolt and flower, like the brassicas. Plant somebrassicas crowded together in a pot. Because of being crowded they will bolt. Place your pot where you need the beneficial insects.
He provided a wealth of information of how to live peacefully with our bugs without resorting to drastic means.
 Vivian Adams from the CV Community Seed Bank did a brief presentation for newcomers onwhat the Seed Bank does. She explained that the Bank doesnot have seeds but various people curate a certain seed and they keep the seeds of their chosen plant. There is commtiment involved – the seeds must be collected from only the best plants. There must be enough plants grown to provide genetic diversity and correct isolation distances observed. The same rules that apply to every good seed saver.
Sue Moen prepared a buffet of vegetarian organic treats, much appreciated by all.

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