Golden Flax for the first time.

Growing Golden Flax.

This is my first year of growing flax and I’m enchanted with this beautiful vigorous plant.

I picked up the seeds at Seedy Saturday and had excellent germination.

The plants grew to between 30 and 36 inches – lovely straight plants in lovely straight rows.

They keep each other upright but I tied a row of string along the outside to stop them falling over and to keep them

away from the beans which tried to climb up their stalks.

Mid June brought masses of pale blue flowers and many bees and other flying pollinators.


pale blue flax flowers

Now, mid July, the flowers are almost over and the seed pods are full and green.


green flax seed pods


I now await the next stages of drying and extracting the seeds and would love input/advice from seasoned flax growers


    • Daniel Kim on 2018/03/12 at 5:46 pm
    • Reply

    I just planted golden flax seed from my local natural food store. I was actually interested primarily in trying to process it by hand for fiber, which might be more work than it’s worth. But it’s kind of a hobby experiment.

    Germinated quickly, after sowing in mid-February, 2018. Now, in March, have tiny plants with their secondary leaves. We’ll see how they develop over time. I am in southern New Mexico, so it will be very hot this summer.

    It will not be a problem to harvest the seed pods, since their removal is part of the process before breaking the stems and combing out the fiber.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Please let us know how it goes for making fiber. Very intersting hobby experiment.

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