Feb 17 2014

Ellen Rainwalker: Growing & Saving Your Own Seeds – Rotary A – Saturday, March 1 – 10:30-11:30 am


Ellen Rainwalker is a former market gardener who has been growing food and saving seeds for over 40 years. She now grows a year-round garden in Cumberland. Ellen is a member of several groups that are working to increase local food security, including the Comox Valley Community Seed Bank and the Comox Valley Food Round Table. She is also involved in efforts to get by-laws updated to permit small-scale agriculture in residential areas. She will be putting on her popular Growing for Market workshop at LUSH Valley Food Action Society in April, and hopes that someday soon there will be a market garden in every neighbourhood.



Ellen Rainwalker will be giving a colourful and inspiring presentation on Growing and Saving Your Own Seeds. You might wonder why you should save seeds when they are so easy to find on seed racks and in catalogues.

Seedy-Saturday-2014-featured-imageEllen explains that our wonderful heritage of seeds, developed over thousands of years by farmers and gardeners, is rapidly disappearing.

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  1. Mary Newcombe

    Hi Ellen, I attended your winter gardenening talk at Delphine’s, this summer and enjoyed it very much. It inspired me to start a winter garden. I have moved the Egyptian onions to a new space and have some left over if you are interested. They provide green onions for most of the winter and are an interesting plant to have in the garden. I thought of you the other day when moving them. Let me know. My phone number is 250-336-2571.

    Cheers, Mary

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