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Oct 06 2014

new book on Seed Libraries

Here is  a write up about a new book on Seed Libraries. Seed Libraries And Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People by Cindy Conner Historically, seed companies were generally small, often family-run businesses. Because they were regionally-based, they could focus on varieties well-suited to the local environment. A Pacific Northwest …

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Sep 05 2014

How to maintain genetic diversity in our gardening crops.

This was the subject of the talk given by Sylvain Alie at our September 2014 Seed Savers meeting. Why is genetic diversity important? – Its mother nature’s way of helping us find the best varieties to deal with climate change, plant pathogens and nutrition. The minimum to maintain genetic diversity would be 1000 Seeds from 20 plants and …

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Aug 26 2014

Seed savers monthly meeting September 4th.

Comox valley Growers and Seed savers presentation – Thursday September 4th. Topic; How to take care of our precious seeds.   Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers (CVGSS) is featuring a presentation on harvesting and saving seeds on Thursday, September 4. The meeting will be in the Common House of Creekside Commons Co-Housing. Come at …

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May 02 2014

The Penguins – Seed Bank Freezer Project

The Penguins – or the Freezer Committee of the Seed Bank. Team members – Terry Batt, Jenny Gohl and Royann Petrell.   In march we took one of the bins of seeds saved in 2012. Our aim was to start germination testing. We found that some of the packets had too few seeds for freezing …

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Mar 06 2014


BE PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY SEED BANK BECOME A SEED CURATOR Here’s how: 1. The CV Seed Bank supplies you with seeds (you choose from a list). 2. You grow these seeds, enjoy the harvest, let a few of the best plants go to seed. Throughout the season, keep a few simple notes on how …

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Jan 14 2014

Seed Bank meeting January 26

Hello Seed Bankers Several members have requested an opportunity to clarify our purpose in having a Community Seed Bank, and what options we have for future directions. In addition to this ‘big picture’ discussion, there are also some logistical issues to go over.  these include: –  Should we freeze a portion of our harvest? –  …

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Jan 01 2014


  Hello Seed Bankers The second harvest is in, packed and labelled.  I have attached the Seed Bank harvest record 2013 (with quantities) that members saved this year. We now have records for 2 consecutive years for many of the plants and their seeds, and as the project evolves, it is time to get together and …

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Mar 19 2013

Crop Record Form 2013

[important]Link to CV Seed Bank Crop Record form.[/important] Calling all seed savers!  Now is the time to be planning which seeds you are going to save this season.  Please keep in mind the Seed Bank Wishlist and the CV Seed Bank Crop Record form.  Keeping records is beneficial in any case, but it is essential if you are …

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Mar 09 2013

The Comox Valley Seed Bank – A CVGSS Project

[important]Why do we need a Seed Bank?[/important] If we had been asking this question ten years or so ago, when Seedy Saturday was a new event here in the Comox Valley, some of the answers would be different than they are today. Some would be the same:  growing heritage seeds and saving them for the …

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Feb 24 2013

How can you be involved in the Seed Bank?

Link to pdf: HOW CAN YOU BE INVOLVED IN THE SEED BANK The Comox Valley Seed Bank is now almost one year old and starting its second season of growing and saving seeds.  The core team members  produced an impressive variety of  seeds in 2012, which were packed, labelled and stored in two identical bins, …

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