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Thimbleberry Soda from Amara Farm

This is a 2 step process that requires making a shredded ginger “bug” or starter. Then, you make a syrup using 4 L water, 2 cups of sugar & any flavoring ( 1 cup thimbleberry this time). Syrup needs to boil & then cool overnight, add about 1/4 cup of “bug” into each jar & …

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The Book: How to Save Your Own Seeds, 5th edition

How to Save Your Own Seeds, 5th edition   Written by gardeners, for gardeners, this is a manual for home seed savers as well as small-scale commercial growers. Whether you are learning to save rare heirloom varieties, discovering how to save money by growing your own seeds, or simply interested in learning more about the …

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Tatiana’s Tomato Base

At the recent BC Seeds Gathering, our CVGSS attendees were delighted to meet Tatiana Kouchnareva, who maintains the website Tatiana’s TOMATObase – Heritage Tomatoes This is an absolutely fabulous resource for heirloom seeds and a wealth of information. They received two packets of seeds:  Russian Bogatyr and Odessa tomato seeds.  (In return, we later sent her some Stupice …

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From the CVGSS Newsletter, November 2012

COMPOST TEA AND MORE – Teresa Colby The friends visiting my vegetable garden seemed extremely anxious to leave. No longer listening, they were casting furtive glances at the exit. Moments before, our tour had been going so well. The culprit: a stinking, rank batch of my own compost tea. When my garden seemed to need …

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The Gift

A beautiful film from Jean-Marc Abela about one of Canada’s National Treasures: Dan Jason & the Salt Spring Seed Sanctuary in “The Gift“

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Seed Saving Information

Choosing Seeds to Save Please let us know if you are growing seeds for the Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers Society, so that we may add your seeds to our data base. ‘Seed packaging bees‘ take place throughout the winter. Also, please contact us if you have space in your plot to grow some of the …

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Mason Bees

Wikipedia > Mason Bees: “Mason bee is a common name for species of bees in the genus Osmia, of the family Megachilidae. They are named from their habit of making compartments of mud in their nests, which are made in hollow reeds or holes in wood made by wood-boring insects. Species of the genus include the orchard mason bee, Osmia lignaria, …

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Garlic White Rot

The following information is published at! White Rot – Sclerotium Cepivorum This summary is based on a talk by Professor Fred Crowe from Oregon State University. The transcript can be viewed here. The original sound recording is here. White Rot: Description White Rot is a fungus that prefers cold weather (it won’t grow above 20-22 degrees …

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