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Biochar: Good for your garden AND your carbon footprint!

The unique ingredient in Terra Preta, biochar improves soil health in the same way that compost does.  In our rain-soaked climate we need to give our soil the ability to hang on to its nutrients.  This article is worth a read. Biochar: Good for your garden AND your carbon footprint! By Darius Van d’Rhys (darius)

Garlic planted Oct 20

Some pictures of the garlic we bought from Lucie Desjarlais at the CSWM Composting Centre.  Later we planted dwarf white clover between the rows.  As a mulch for the winter, we recently covered it with sheep’s wool (courtesy of Anna and Nick Guthrie).     .

Tatiana’s Tomato Base

At the recent BC Seeds Gathering, our CVGSS attendees were delighted to meet Tatiana Kouchnareva, who maintains the website Tatiana’s TOMATObase – Heritage Tomatoes This is an absolutely fabulous resource for heirloom seeds and a wealth of information. They received two packets of seeds:  Russian Bogatyr and Odessa tomato seeds.  (In return, we later sent her some Stupice …

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Planting Green Manure

A short video of Dianne planting green manure on the south side of the house.  The weeds were germinating, so why not some clover instead?!

From the CVGSS Newsletter, November 2012

COMPOST TEA AND MORE – Teresa Colby The friends visiting my vegetable garden seemed extremely anxious to leave. No longer listening, they were casting furtive glances at the exit. Moments before, our tour had been going so well. The culprit: a stinking, rank batch of my own compost tea. When my garden seemed to need …

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Introduction to Home Scale Permaculture – Sunday, Nov 25th, 1-4pm

Elaine Codling is a Permaculture Design Consultant and teacher with training in Canada and Australia. She has been gardening organically for nearly 30 years. Elaine has a life long interest in self sufficiency, food security, community development and restoration of natural systems. “Permaculture design can reduce resource dependence; cut utility bills; increase productivity in the …

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