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Sep 05 2014

How to maintain genetic diversity in our gardening crops.

This was the subject of the talk given by Sylvain Alie at our September 2014 Seed Savers meeting. Why is genetic diversity important? – Its mother nature’s way of helping us find the best varieties to deal with climate change, plant pathogens and nutrition. The minimum to maintain genetic diversity would be 1000 Seeds from 20 plants and …

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Sep 04 2014

Food forest workshop

Some of you may be interested in going to this interesting workshop in Duncan.

Aug 26 2014

Seed savers monthly meeting September 4th.

Comox valley Growers and Seed savers presentation – Thursday September 4th. Topic; How to take care of our precious seeds.   Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers (CVGSS) is featuring a presentation on harvesting and saving seeds on Thursday, September 4. The meeting will be in the Common House of Creekside Commons Co-Housing. Come at …

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Aug 12 2014

Seed saving workshop August 17th

All are welcome to visit the Lush Community Garden, 6th Street and Harmston,  on Sunday August 17th. There will be a potluck from 3 till 5 followed by a workshop on seed saving at 6, given by Nick Guthrie. If you haven’t yet visited the garden this will be the perfect time to check out …

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Jun 19 2014

June 23rd Seed Saver Exchange webinar

Register for the June 23rd webinar, Garden Photography Tune in to this special webinar presented by SSE Board Member and expert garden photographer David Cavagnaro. David’s photos have been featured in dozens of books and world-class publications throughout his impressive career. Join us to get photography tips and see beautiful examples of David’s work. This …

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Jun 14 2014

More Birds and Beans

Foster Richardson, from The Birds and the Beans talked to the Seed Savers about growing Corn as a staple crop. Corn is very adaptable, especially the short tough native varieties, that also have more protein and so could be an important staple crop in spite of corn’s reputation as ‘evil’. Very tolerant to poor conditions …

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Jun 11 2014

The Birds and the Beans

  Natasha Tymo and Foster Richardson from the Birds and the Beans spoke at our 2014 AGM about growing staple crops. You may have seen them at their veggie stall at the Saturday Farmers Market.   Together with two other young people they are farming organic food crops with the idea of producing high protein …

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Jan 14 2014

Video from GE forum held November 14, 2013

This was a memorable event, and the presentations of the three guest speakers can be viewed at the links below.  It was the kick-off for a speaking tour entitled Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods and Human Health.  Visit this link for more info: Thierry Vrain Jan Slomp Colin Palmer   Here is …

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Nov 20 2013

Seed Saving 101

[notice]CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION OF THIS PAGE[/notice]   [important]Amaranth[/important] Method of Pollination – Amaranth is self fertile, but is occasionally wind pollinated. Time to Harvest Seeds – Cut down and dry the seed heads when they start to drop a few seeds. When they are dry and brittle, thresh them and blow away …

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Sep 26 2013

Winnower cleans up lettuce seed – by Arzeena Hamir

Earlier this year, the Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers (CVGSS) purchased a winnower in order to make seed cleaning easier for its members and for local farmers. A number of the Board Members had seen the winnower in action at a Seed Conference last November and we were greatly impressed. I decided to take …

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