Mar 20 2015

9th annual Plant Sale 9th May

March update.

We have plenty of pots, kindly donated by Gary and Marg.

Now we have to scrub them all and sterilize them. ready for seed starting and potting up. I had planned to get started this Thursday but it turned out to be a grey and rainy day and not really a pot washing day at all. As soon as the sun comes out….

Monday 23rd March . 3 of us scrubbed and sterilized pots, starting with the small ones and the 4″ ones so there is a nice stock ready for pick-up.

We also have a pile of beautiful ‘dirt’ to mix with Sea Soil and peat moss for our growers.

Please contact me if you would like to help or pick up supplies of pots, soil, seeds or growing instructions.

Call Jenny at 250 871 0553

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